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W-DNA is a Workflow Repository Server for Windows Workflow Foundation.

The objective of this project is creating a single interface, a service and a server for hosting workflows, connecting the workflows with the external world, and creating a execution plan for Workflows.

The Server will serve as Workflow Catalog as well, where you can publish, group and describe your Workflows in a descritive way.

W-DNA, or Workflow-DNA define the functions across the enteprise, where onve you develop the enterprise workflows, ou can out these workflows toghether in a repository, and coordinate the workflows activities.

The first mindset for this project is creating a toolset for:
- Workflow full Catalog organize and grouping
- Workflow Upload
- Workflow Database storage
- Workflow Replaceable services
- Workflow Hooks, delegates and events
- Workflow Orchestration
- Workflow Common services
- Workflow Hosting
- Workflow Statistics
- Workflow Execution Plan
- Security

So, why W-DNA ?

The sistematic functions across the enterprise represents the "core-business" ativities. Once you use the workflows to describe all of your business process, your workflows will be the Corporate enterprise level DNA activities and functions or simply Workflow DNA.


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